Garamvári Vineyards, Balatonlelle

In 1990 we felt it was about time to realize what we had been dreaming of. To reach our goals we were specifically aided by the benign exposure of our plantations, an on the human side: the eagerness and the special driving to prove, with hard work and commitment we can make high quality wine and sparkling wine on the home market. A traditional sparkling wine making plant, however, needs a proper winecellar complex, which we found in the outskirts of Budapest, Budafok, the Hungarian Grinzing. The limestone caved cellar needed refurbishing and the introduction of modern technology which took us three years. Menawhile we grew every time larger by purchasing new territories and cultivating new stocks. We also updated old machinery and renewed old plantations. Thanks to this we work on almost 80 hectares; we use our own vines to make our excellent quality wines and sparkling wines. We believe in following the traditions of our ancestors and in parallel develop new technological methods to reach the results of a modern, well-established winery.

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