Gere Tamás & Zsolt Winery, Villány

Processing the grapes and maturing the wines takes place next to Villany, 7Kms away, in Nagyharsany. The harvested grapes are transported here in plastic containers and after careful selection, the berries will be placed into the maturing containers. Maturing takes place in corrosion proof steel containers, and the red wines are placed mainly into Hungarian barrique oak barrels.
We use Hungarian Oak in most cases (from Zemplen and Mecsek) however we also have French and American oak available to use.

Using 500 litre oak barrels is becoming important in Zsolt’s evolving style.
Whilst red wines are being placed into barrels, white and rose wine goes into stainless steel containers for maturing, until bottled.

Bottling and bottle fermentation takes place in our Villainy based bottling plant, where we also do the labelling and packaging.

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