Where can I buy tickets?
In Kölcsey Centre in Debrecen, in the ticket offices of Interticket network all over the country, online on the boresjazz.jegy.hu website (without any handling costs) and in the ticket offices on the spot.

Can I pay for the ticket with a voucher or card?
When you buy tickets, the following means of payment will be accepted in Kölcsey Centre and in the ticket offices on the spot:

  • cash
  • bank card
  • Szép card (OTP, K&H, MKB) against free time subaccount
  • Ticket Culture Kultúra card
  • Erzsébet card
  • Erzsébet voucher (Free time, Culture, Gift)
  • Edenred voucher (Ticket Culture & Sport, Top Premium)
  • Posta Paletta gift voucher
  • Ticket Compliments Gift card

How long are the tickets valid?
Season tickets are valid all through the event, that is, for all the four days while day tickets entitle their holders to enter and leave the event freely in the opening hours on the relevant day.

Can I return my ticket and get back the price?
Any tickets bought may only be returned if the event is cancelled by the organiser or if the event cannot be held due to unfavourable weather conditions.

I’ve left my ticket at home. Can I still get in?
Tickets purchased online are also valid if they are presented on mobile devices but a ticket purchased offline is only valid if you have it with you.

If I cannot attend the event for some reason, can I sell or give my ticket to someone else?
Any tickets bought may be transferred freely until they are exchanged for armbands. When a ticket is exchanged for an armband, the organisers may ask for the holder’s identity card to check his/her age.

Do children need a ticket, too?
Up to the age of 14, entry is free but it is also mandatory for children to wear an armband. The child’s name and the attendant’s telephone number should be written on a child’s armband. Any children under the age of 14 may only attend the event accompanied by an attendant of age and having full capacity.

I haven’t been able to buy a ticket online, who should I write to?
You should write to Interticket Kft. (’Interticket Ltd Co’) to email address jegy@jegy.hu.

How can I get to the venue and back to the city from there?
• By public transport
Take tram No. 1 and the entry points to the event are only a few minutes’ walk from stops Nagyerdei körút, Gyógyfürdő or Egyetem. For further information, visit www.dkv.hu
• By car
There are parking places in the underground car park under Ködszínház, in Nagyerdei Avenue, in Pallagi Street, in front of the clinic and in Oláh Gábor Street.
• By bike

What is forbidden to take to the venue?
• any objects especially jeopardising public safety (e.g. drugs, fireworks, objects containing explosive, toxic or flammable substances, firearms, knives, gas sprays, blackjacks, expandable batons, throwing stars, catapults, etc.)
• bicycles
• alcoholic drinks
• food or tobacco products in commercial quantities
• Drones may only be brought to the venue with preliminary permission.

What about pets?
You can bring your pet provided you comply with all the following conditions: valid immunisation records, individual identification (chip), lead, collar, muzzle and a tag with the master’s phone number. However, if the animal endangers others’ entertainment or physical integrity, permission may be withdrawn. But considering the fact that music will be loud and the forest is big, we rather recommend that you leave your pet at home.

Can I pay with a card? If not, where can I withdraw money from my account?
ATMs near the venue area:
• in the campus of Debrecen University: OTP, Erste
• at the main entrance to Debrecen clinics: OTP
• at the entrance of Hotel Aquaticum: OTP

Where can I hand in a wallet found in the grass? Where should I go if mine disappears?
Please, give any lost property to staff members at the ticket selling points at the entrances. You may also inquire about any lost property of yours here.

Is there a tobacconist’s shop?
There is no tobacconist’s shop in the area of the venue.

Is there a left luggage office?
There is no left luggage office or safe deposit boxes in the venue.

Where can I get help if I have an accident, injury or health problem during the event?
The doctor on call can be found next to Nagyerdei Szabadtéri Színpad (’open air theatre’), you can find its exact location on the map. But feel free to ask any staff members wearing a neck card or a purple T-shirt for help.

The sky is overcast and the forecast is for rain. Will the event be held?
It is the organiser’s intention to start or continue the advertised event even under doubtful weather conditions. Therefore we recommend that in case of expected unfavourable weather conditions, you bring warm and waterproof clothes with you, as well. In case of unfavourable weather conditions, communication will be published on websites www.fonixinfo.hu and www.boresjazz.hu by 8 p.m. on the day preceding the day of the event the latest. If no communication is published, Főnix is preparing to hold the event. Főnix reserves the right to cancel the event/ any day of the event also on the spot. If the event /any day of the event is cancelled, tickets bought will be repurchased where they were bought within 5 days of the first workday following the event cancelled. For further information, consult the policy of the event.