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Loop Doctors

Pier stage

The basic idea for Loop Doctors came in 2005, when the two founding members of the band, Romhányi Áron (keyboards) and Szendőfi Péter (drums) where talking with Gary Willis about modern musical styles, during the recording of Péter’s solo album. Later the band was formed, and with special guest Gary Willis on bass, and trumpet player Kornél Fekete-Kovács, they recorded the first album “High Voltage” in 2006.

Loop Doctors’ music is a medley of different styles, including jazz, drum ‘n’ bass, jungle, hip-hop and rap. An overall category could be nu-jazz, but Loop Doctors can also be seen in clubs, where people actually dance to the music. Loop Doctors usually performs as a duo, Peter using an ‘Octa-pad’, from which the grooves, bass lines and additional synths are played, and also plays acoustic drums. Aron plays keys, and also does vocals/rap. Since 2006 they regularly do a tour as a duo, and also with special guests .